Josette lived in Israel almost all her life, She lives in Calgary since 2004, raised a family and educated hundreds of students from kindergarten to university. She holds a Master degree in Mysticism PHD in Education and Bibilo Therapy, holds Wolf Foundation prize for academic research in Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism, Ben Gurion University Israel. Mysticism has a powerful existence reflected in her art work. She is painting since 1989.

1989-1996 -studied Fine Arts with a private teacher- Pro. David Genish. She took Art courses in her BA, MA and PHD degrees. Her art expresses her life: experience, ideas, knowledge, spiritual fillings, Jewish life, Bedwin life from south of Israel (the native of the desert) and the status of women in the ancient and modern world. Her paintings create a multicultural dialogue between Israeli culture and the outside world.

She traveled all over the world and was impressed by the female power existence!

Her art combines abstract and figurative designs. In her paintings she embraces the beauty, happiness and sadness of life, especially of women life. She uses colors to express emotions and consciousness of life, some are in monochrome, expressing a lot of shades and nuances in our lives even in one color and one state of mind. Her paintings reflect passion, light and senses of life. For her, each painting is a poetry creation, balance of color and forms. A powerful mirror of her soul, tradition, knowledge and believes! All of them are oil on canvas. She was a member of the Art association in Israel. A member of Bezalel Calgary.