My art presents the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.
A lot of shades, nuances, struggles, beauty and happiness in our lives is what I try to describe in my paintings.
They reflect the dialogue between human existence and the Creator, between materialism and spiritualism.
How do we explore and use our existence?
Do we have the freedom to choose our way of life or are we living in a determinism world?
How we put light and happiness in our life through Traditions, Believes, Knowledge and Experiences.
My art work presents the way to let lights penetrate our lives! Even Beyond Clouds!
The paintings have a unique way of expressing passion of fulfilling designation and trying to lead us to open our eyes towards all the blessings surrounding us, they are a powerful mirror of life!
My paintings contain elements of Kabbalah Energy.
So they reflect light, energy, mystery and power from God. The paintings are painted with the consciousness, spirituality, Jewish tradition, a tradition from around the world and therefore are unique.
My paintings were influenced by changes of: cosmic energies, meditation, peace and tranquility, action and creativity, positive energy and particularly special charm that characterizes my painting studio.
As an artist, my paintings are motivated by love, joy, happiness, giving, family and good wishes.